‘The Dealer’ deals talents accordingly and by good fortune, twenty-four hours is the only equal opportunity given.  Exercising the option is your picking.


Both young and old’ a quantity of individuals inherit the gift of ‘head starts’, such as vigorous athleticism, flair for numerical data, aesthetically visible countenance, swift fluency of language, a high class of innovative intelligence, or highly skilled virtuoso, to mention a few.  To avail oneself is of great gain.


The game of Spades… Big Joker, Little Joker, Deuce, Ace of Spades, King, Queen are your apparent ‘head starts‘ for triumph.  Your hand is your hand… given from ‘The Dealer’ at the start; to complain would be futile – considering a broken clock is right two times a day.

In essence, it’s not about what cards you lack; it’s about winning with what you were dealt. Stay lifted,


Stay lifted,


Lucky Lefty