What we see; confirms the little we know, perception is not always reality.


“Wow, he’s towering.”


“They are training tirelessly.”


“So much brotherhood.”


“Triumph from playing basketball.”


These optics are widely accepted, shaping our appetite for thought… until our perception is challenged.


Beyond the apparent affirmations, above are variations of talent, language and cultures.


– One NBA performer


– Five current/former professional overseas participants


– One former NFL sportsman


– Multiple college scholarship recipients


– JV and Varsity bound contenders


– First languages of Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, and English


– Coming from Angola, Canada, United States and Greece


All mastering unconventional pinpoint skills for repeated goals… unification and growth.


Considering the social fabric of today’s present circumstances, I challenge all to inverse the method media projects; by seeing through the eyes – instead of only with them.


Stay lifted,


Lucky Lefty