The miseducation from children…


In the process of parenting, without notice, one attains an accumulation of degrees consisting of…


A specified culinary license realizing a child’s taste buds and appetite erratically fluctuates… “Just one more bite.”


A full service dental hygienist… “Open up.” “Brush your teeth.” “Stop eating the toothpaste.”


A keen orator with serene unclouded precepts… “I said no.” “Lie down.”


An austere approach during cross examination with said child… “How many shummies did you eat?” “Do you want to go to timeout?”


A private enterprise owner collecting and disposing all solid waste… “You pooped again?” “What did you eat?”


An Architectural Certification on geometrical efficiency in order to sleep, due to kid(s) moving about during the night… “Move over, please.”


…and with all that being said, circumstances may not align with the fundamental blueprint; nonetheless, only God can give life.  A child is a blessing from above.


Despite your age, kiss your Mom and hug your Dad… Never pass up a moment to tell them, you love them.  They were elected for you.  Irreplaceable.  Their time has wings.  No one lives endlessly…


For those with kid(s), parenting will be the hardest job you will ever love…” the longest days and shortest years of your life…” (Perry Bodine) the finest schooling no one can prepare for.  And yet, value every minute.  Relish.


As the twig is bent so grows the tree…” (Steven Robles)


Stay lifted,


Lucky Lefty