NoBro Phenom




NoBro Phenom is a 501C3 Tax Exempt Amateur Athletics Union Club for basketball.


NOBRO AAU Club in March and April, 2021 will be in Bermuda Run North Carolina, Spartanburg and Rock Hill South Carolina exclusively for teenage high school basketball players to train for their upcoming AAU season (tournaments).


NOBRO will provide expertise in the following:


  • Player Development
    • focus on skill development
  • Conditioning
    • Navy Seal approach, such as weights, plyometric, and animal flow workouts
  • Game Preparation
    • Players will be trained physically and mentally to meet at a varsity level speed; prepared to perform in front of potential college coaches.
  • Mentorship
    • Guest Speaker to share their life success.
    • We want to create a professional community of opportunity through basketball.
  • Diversification
    • Players from around the social and economic demographic will be teammate’s common ground and a common goal.
  • Personal Confidence
    • Teaching life through basketball.
  • Career Exposure Literacy
    • Potential internships, shadowing, and industry analysis (ie Hendrick Motors, Nascar, etc.)
  •  Scholarships
    • Understanding the scholarship process.


The players that receive individual training with NoBro need an opportunity to apply the concepts in a real life game.  


In order to offer this we have added our tax exempt AAU club for a group of exclusive teenagers, so that we can provide them with possibilities to not only improve their skill set, but also a possibility to get a scholarship. 


We coach them this Spring 2021 during tournaments for 3 weekends to accomplish this goal. 


Sponsorships cover the following:

  • Housing/ Hotels for 8 players and 3 coaches
  • Food for players and staff
  • Transportation – ie Rental(s) Van (12 passenger)
  • Practice facility rental
  • Team Dinner
  • AAU Tournament entry fee
  • AAU Club Membership fee
  • Jersey and Apparel


If you would like to support the NoBro AAU Basketball Club by making a donation please click below to get in touch.