We are living in the times where so many players want to play professionally.  Job to player ratios are tremendously wop-sided and quite frankly, not everyone has the ability to play at the pro level.


Statistics at face value should not detour a dream but it should incline he/she to fail quickly.  My desire is to provide the platform for aspiring professional athletes to fail.  Failing in life especially in the sports industry allows a person to move on with “Plan B” rapidly, instead of spending countless hours and money on tryouts, open runs, social media scams, etc…



Sessions Overview

Sessions last 3 – 6 days and include the following:
  • A minimum of 45 minutes per day in individual workouts
  • A minimum of 2 hours per day in group workouts
  • A minimum of 2 days live games
  • A minimum of 2 days strength & conditioning
  • A minimum of 1.5 hours career training
  • 1-on-1 guidance for the next phase of your career
  • Round table discussions with leaders of companies
  • Gym access with Professional Trainers
  • Housing
  • A team dinner

The Goal


Provide 3 -6 days of high intensity training in sports and career industries in order to progress in life beyond basketball.  


Sessions consist of players able to work on their craft, but more importantly expand their knowledge on financial markets, insurance products, career opportunities, and the basketball business; while having open panel discussions with sports agents, chief executive officers, accountants, financial advisors, marketing directors and many others.


Even for those fortunate enough to play at a pro level, he/she can’t play forever.  Living skills trump basketball skills.

Photography credits go to @kingtonypics



Photography credits go to @kingtonypics


  • July 22nd – 24th 2023: Atlanta, Georgia


  • June 13th – 15th 2022: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • July 16th – 20th 2021: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Jan 8th – 13th 2021: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Nov 8th – 14th 2020: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Sep 6th – 12th 2020: Atlanta, Georgia
  • July 26th – Aug 1st 2020: Atlanta, Georgia
  • June 15th – 20th 2020: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Mar 2nd – 20th 2020: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Oct 28th – Nov 15th 2019: Atlanta, Georgia



    “I was excited at the opportunity to learn and train with high-caliber coaches and players but a little unclear on the full scope of the camp. 


    Once in camp, I felt great, because the days were busy and well structured. Like anything some days were better than others based on physically toll (which you could control if you ate, recovered, and prepared properly).


    The experience was invaluable in terms of the number of accomplished individuals you could network with and learn from. Because it is essentially 8 to 10 hour days you build relationships with fellow players effectively which is always inspiring and helps raise your training level. Again the individuals including the day-to-day trainers and coaches are very open to feedback and discussions that allow you to improve yourself and learn how to not just be a more successful basketball player but a professional in life. 


    I am currently taking the lessons learned and staying active to continue improvement in my game and have made sure to stay in touch with Noah and other coaches like Kendel as I move through new processes. In terms of basketball, I am applying to universities such as Sheffield and Durham to get into Post Grad programs and play on the team for the next school. Also, trying to take financial, life, and social lessons learned to improve me, my family, and my community.” 


    ~ Jon

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    Alex Smith – Real Estate Agent
    Alvin Bailey – DJ Xperience

    Brian Trevino – Government Social Security
    Bruno Fernando – Atlanta Hawks NBA Player
    Charles Flemming – Civil Engineer
    Coach McCray – Atlanta Celtic Founder
    Dale Williams – Real Estate Investor
    David Cole PharmD – Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon
    Devontae Cacok – Los Angeles Lakers NBA Player
    Dominique Ingram – Atlanta Empire – General Manager/Head Coach
    Dr. Jessica Lee – Dentist
    Dr. Robert Cochran – Emergency Medicine Physician

    Hanan Elbeitam-Brown – Amerigroup Business Development Executive
    Jeff Taylor – CEO of Oakhurst Medical Centers Inc
    Jeffory Barnes – Attorney

    Jerell Figueroa – Sales Representative
    Jesse Mills – Senior Brand Consultant
    John Shulman – University of Huntsville Alabama Head Coach

    Kendel Glapion – Branding Consultant & Entrepreneur
    Kristeena Spivey – Amerigroup Administrative Assistant
    Larry Diamond – Former Pro Athlete turned Lawyer

    Link Kabadyundi – Photographer, Videographer & Entrepreneur
    Mayor Randall Woodfin – Mayor of Birmingham

    Melvin Lindsey – President Medicaid – GA
    Michael Anthony – Writer, Producer, Actor
    Myra Sky – Course Marketing Manager

    Ralph Woolfolk – Lieutenant
    Ron Sanders – Claims Adjuster
    Samuel Smith – Claims Adjuster
    Stephan Allen – Yoga Instructor
    Travis Dennison – Investor
    Trevon Smith – NFL Agent

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