Certain dates in our personal history are monumental.  Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays…  Within time, most realize each day is truly a gift taken for granted.


Eventually, days and moments are no longer a coincidence, they birth orchestrated happenings compactly; igniting a massive purpose, deeper than we know.


Two weeks ago, I wanted to share my post-demise date (June 1, 2002) and sprinkle in some blessings from the ‘Hands of Faith’, however current circumstances veered my thoughts instead…


At the tender age of 20, my life should have expired.


One night… one moment… one decision… would have crushed my loved ones; if not for God sending a shadow of a man without a face, to give me one more chance, seconds before my car wreck.


I rode in the ambulance that night with 4 essential conclusions…


Every choice has consequences… I fastened the belt.

Be careful what you pray for… I prayed for a sign to transfer.


Every prayer has answers… the answer might be “no”.

Statistics are not absolute…


Professionals said, “your hand needs to be amputated…”

Prayer said, “it’s healed.”


Professionals said, “you will need skin grafts…”

Prayer said, “the scars are the message.”


Professionals said, “your left hand will not be useful…”

Prayer said, “type and call the fingertips Lucky Lefty.


Stay lifted,


Lucky Lefty