Intimacy comes from the Latin word intimare, which means “make familiar,” which derives from intimus, meaning “inmost.”


For ‘us’ to manufacture intimacy we must “make familiar” subject matters beyond our outward associations.  Intimacy and love cannot become fruitful until we know each other from inside out instead of outside in… eventually becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Check the temperature of your neighboring affiliations… Democrat vs Republican, Male vs Female, Christian vs Muslim, ‘have’ vs ‘have not’ and ask, Are my actions building or destroying?


One can only hope, that one day a future generation will get to witness life where we are defined accurately by our deep seated, inward, personal, masked… innermost traits.  The proof of who we are not the stereotype.


Worth mirroring today…


Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence.  There’s no better rule.”


(Great Expectations by Charles Dickens)


Stay lifted,


Lucky Lefty