We are all influenced one way or another.  It’s a matter of discerning – am I following a trend of rising waves towards community beneficial impact, or ripples of open resistance; bold disobedience that produces headaches, strife and trouble in the near future?  The beauty is… as an adult, we get to choose who and what we allow to impress us.


The influence of social media has taken on a leg of its own.  What most founders may have intended for good, has now been designed to sow fabrics of divisiveness, discord, mistrust and insecurities… globally.  My heart pains for the future of our kids’ lives.  We will reap what we have sown in the next 10-15 years, and I pray documentaries like, The Social Dilemma can change the thoughts of those that are influenced so heavily by a tool that has been misleading them.  If not a documentary, take a minute or so and listen to Kanye West’s interview on Apple Music (or YouTube link below) around the 42 minute mark and listen to his thoughts about these juggernauts.


In both the public and private sectors, Kanye West has been called many adjectives; “genius, arrogant, creative, narcissist, bi-polar,” and I agree, sometimes his actions give confirmation to these descriptive words, but whether truthful or not, he delivers (in the interview) a simple yet profound announcement.  “People are addicted to social media.  People invest more into a photo on social media than they invest into real life.”


Although I am using a social platform to deliver my thoughts in order to keep up with modern society, my intent is to sow positivity and influence all of us to live a very fulfilled prosperous life, one thought at a time, in hopes that you too, the reader, will pass on the same. 


Stay lifted,


Lucky Lefty