#37 HESI


Subconsciously we create a mental value-add priority list.  I am not sure if it has always been this way, but currently it’s the way of the world.  We live in the space surrounded by ‘digital-ites’ and even though everyone has value, there is always something else improved and better going on.  Even in the silent moments, the bit we do not have a great deal of activity; not knowingly, we hold out from committing – just in case a finer situation pops up.


Seek within and ask; when such and such calls/texts and asks “hey do you want to grab a bite… go to the… come over…” is the reply yes or no.  Or are the replies consistently, “let me get back to you on Thursday/Saturday/Monday… can I let you know later this week?…”  When in all honesty, there is a hope for an invite to something more appealing.


Those that do this are probably laughing and thinking denial is only a river in Egypt, but hey – time is the most precious gift someone can offer.  Accept it.  Or at least give a courtesy, “no”.


Stay lifted,


Lucky Lefty