As life happens we all have a puzzle to construct.  It’s the challenge of living.  Nothing worth assembling will be easy.  Many of us have our own way of building our puzzle.  A constant strategy utilized, is forming and correcting the edges before you connect and fix the inside pieces.  The edges are simple, they are the outside layer – the surface if you will…  Although they are a key part to shaping the puzzle, the edges are limited and do not maneuver much.  The pieces either fit or they don’t.


Fixing the inside is the challenge.  Inside pieces are a conundrum.  It’s tiresome and extremely taxing on the eyes and brain.  Based on shapes, colors, and logic, after trying and trying many options to no avail, reality kicks in proving it’s the right piece in the wrong place, yet again…  Back to the box that piece goes.  With this degree of consistent failure, eventually one must state, “the manufacturer didn’t send all the right pieces to fix this puzzle; something is wrong.”  Until, lo and behold you stop for a bit, take a break and get back at it again…  Sooner rather than later the pieces start to combine – making more sense and as faith will have it a certain friend(s) steps in to offer a helping hand.  Voilà, the puzzle is complete.

What once looked and felt like chaos, has become intricately bridged pieces, creating a view of a life worth living.


Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty