In the genesis of adulthood, most – if not all, pursue what ‘self’ has passions for… what ‘self’ has talents in… what ‘self’ has values with… what ‘self’ has motivations to do…


Starting with self-examination and ending with self-consumption (fulfillment) might not be the right mantra.


Maybe the ask should be, “What does life want from me?”  “What circumstances are calling me to stop ignoring them?”  “What assignment has life given me to make this world whole?”


The metaphor ‘melting pot’ has been our societies staple since I can remember.  Sounds good, but the reality is… one pan with a combination of ingredients; boiling in scorching water to create a single unit, will continue to drive societies sentiment into what we are currently witnessing.  This nation’s alarm clock is going off and with each snooze…  It will only get worse.


A resolution will be rendered when each individual shifts from ‘melting pot’ paradigm to ‘salad bowl’ theory; that we as a multicultural society can integrate different cultures, while maintaining separate identities – once we become authentically frank on how we feel.


Yes… there is institutionalized racism.
Yes… there is white privilege.
Yes… there is discrimination.
Yes… Michael Vick was de-humanized for dog fighting.
Yes… we as black men are frightened of police officers.
Yes… there is black privilege.
Yes… most Caucasians are unaware of these experiences.
Yes… it’s embarrassing, unethical and dejecting to watch looters dismantle and rob a person’s establishment, that provides products, services and employment.
Yes… there is too much black on black crime.
Yes… media outlets no longer tell all truths.
Yes… it’s okay to be vexed.
No… burning down our own community is not the answer.
No… a Black American is not a sell out if he/she has different views.
No… not all rich Caucasian men are racist.
No… we don’t have to always wait on the facts.
Yes… most Caucasians are innocent until proven guilty.
Yes… most Black Americans are guilty until proven innocent.
Yes… this nation as proud as we are of it, was built on racism and violence.


This is who we are.  Our truths.  Our feelings.  Now what do we do with it…


Stay lifted,


Lucky Lefty