“Well if it’s so easy how come everybody’s not doing it?”  Great question… the reply: Because it’s easy not to do it.”


The simple things separate us from the pack.  The worker who greets customers with a smile… that’s easy, but it’s also easy not to smile.  The individual who puts their shoes on and goes for a workout… that’s easy, but it’s also easy to say; next time.


The ask is… are we unwilling or are we unable


Rules, regulations, disabilities, handicappedness; limits abilities, thus, making one, unable.  Prayers and thoughts to those that do not have an option.  As for those that do, but are unwilling please reconsider.


Reading is simple.  Life is problematic.  For every thought and tribulation, someone has written a book; a response; to be unwilling and yet wonder why, would make us lack good sense; unwise.


Like Mark Twain said, “A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.”


Stay lifted,


Lucky Lefty