You put your one foot in, you put your one foot out, you put your one foot in and you shake it all about…  You know the rest. 


We all know the tune.  Each leg eventually goes through the song and you move your legs in and out, accordingly.  


Growing up, this song was a hit at the carnivals and local festivals, however moving your feet in and out at the same time is not an ideal situation to conquer life.


Life is all about whether you can function and succeed in chaos and order.  There is no, “shake it all about.” Chaos and Order may seem to be on opposite ends of the paradigm, but trust you me, it’s each foot simultaneously on each side at all times. 


Take inventory of your life.  Think about when both feet were in order.  Usually some form of negative feelings that go by the name of Mr. Anxiety, Miss Depression, Cousin Sadness and Auntie Useless erupted.  


Why?  Because with too much order we feel less challenged We feel like we know we can do more for our community, children, the world etc…  We are playing it safe so to speak.  And too much safety makes life less meaningful.


In the moments where both feet are in chaos, well… a rolling stone gathers no moss.


Stay lifted, 


Lucky Lefty


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