Yesterday, I was scrolling through the net looking for a city or town named Happyville.  Unbeknownst to me, a group called G.B.H. was what consistently popped up.  They had a song that was released in ’99, but the municipality I could not locate.  

In time, maybe Happyville will exist.


In this new era, the fabric that has been sown into our current society says, “do what makes you happy.”  Never mind the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, local, global, and/or impact a decision produced.  Yet, seldom do you hear the discussion(s) of the consequences, guilt-ridden ping pong matches in the mind, nor the narrative of the blunder. 


So if Happyville is not an available destination, why do we encourage external solutions – thinking it will heal internal issues? 


My hope is that we realize… happiness comes from solving the problems inside, instead of avoiding them.


Stay lifted, 


Lucky Lefty


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