Rappers throw pop shots to the body when they write bars with subliminal messages towards a rival MC.  Unless the listener knows the cryptic language and the lyricists’ reasoning for his/her aversion towards the nemesis; it falls on deaf ears.  Very seldom does the MC divulge his meaning considering he knows his true fan(s) will decode the words by researching his subject line, background, thoughts, connections and little by little piece the message together.


Rapping is not my vocation, but I do enjoy attempting to paint pictures or better yet thoughts with words.  The subject line is #33.  This stands for the 33rd Food for Thought I have written since the inception of this year, back in February.  Throughout this process I have yet to explain my subliminal – logo and what better week to do so than… you guessed it… week 33!  It’s unconventional to say the least knowing that something so esoteric to me, will now be in the minds of all subscribers, but hey, maybe it will make reading my thoughts and or wearing NoBro T-shirts more purposeful.


The year was 2010.  My older brother, Jermaine, was getting married and I was still playing professional basketball while YouTube algorithms were consistently showing subliminal messages in music videos that were labeled Satanic, by many channels.  A lot has changed in a decade.   My brother, Jermaine is still married with 2 kids; I am retired from basketball and more importantly, I don’t have enough idleness to go down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos, lol.  However, I remember the videos vividly.  I didn’t make the videos nor did I write the content – which limits my opinion on whether or not the producers, writers, artists were doing this (creating subliminals or not) in the name of Lucifer, but here is what I do know…


What you get; give.  What you learn; teach.”  “And do it in your own subliminal way.”  And that my friend is how the logo was created. 

The logo is 33 degree.  The 33rd degree to be exact.  Thirty-Three was the number I played the game of basketball in and at a glance the 3 horizontal lines and 3 vertical lines with a temperature sign does not mean much; the lines actually represent how the number 3 was originally scripted before society eventually connected the lines with a half circle.   The temperature symbol represents hot or cold based on if you are using Celsius or Fahrenheit.  Hot and cold is the Ying Yang of life.  Most of life comes in twos.  Up/Down.  Left/Right.  Male/Female.  Night/Day.  This description is obvious to most eyes, however there are layers to the design.


History of Numerology: Take the time and go study Hitler’s Reich (used his gifts for wrong reasons) and Freemasons number 33; you will realize, the number is extraordinary.   Numerology is interesting.


Knowledge: The degree symbol represents education.  When we study a certain field in college we earn a “degree.”  And an educated mind is a powerful weapon.


Personally: My high school jersey number was 3 and my college and pro number was 33.  Not that I am superstitious but the number, she treated me well.


Biology: According to Cedars Sinai, the average person is born with 33 Vertebrae until…  The number represents ‘my’ backbone. Due to the teachings of my mother, my backbone remains “firm, fair and consistent,” no matter the circumstance.


Family: 3×3=9 and 3+3=6 that’s the DOB (9/6/1983) of my wife, Hanan.  Also 3 and 3 is 6 which is the number of people residing in my first family (Melvin, LisaJoan, Jermaine, myself, D, Lace).


Spiritually: 3 is the threefold God.  Profit = The Speaker, Priest = The Master, King = The Ruler for God.  3 represents the Holy Trinity – The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.   Christ died at the age of 33 with 3 total people on the crosses.  Lastly, 33 is the numerical equivalent of AMEN.   A=1 M=13 E=5 N=14 (1+13+5+14=33).


There you have it, body shots that hopefully remain unblocked even though you now know the message.  Remember…


What might just be a logo or a brand to you… is my way of life, to me…


Stay lifted,


Lucky Lefty