All we need is ONE distinguished bartender to endorse us and the dream is granted.

“No way,” says you.  Yes way, says I.  Don’t believe me… read about the impressive life of Yusef and he will attest.


At the tender age of 17 JoJo had a vision for his life, yet little did he know that in order to reach his dream, his brothers had to betray him; he came to be a slave, was accused of rape and even served years in prison – to reach his ambition.


Raise your hand if you want that journey.  Plenty of people would remain still if told frankly the hardships prior to the goal.


If not for Yusef going to prison, and helping ONE cup-bearer (bartender), he would not have been summoned by the king, hired and eventually tell his brothers, “Thank you for the bus pass.  It allowed me to become the highest ranked advisor in all of Egypt. My suffering is complete.”


As you sit in your invisible prison, who is your bartender – The ONE follower, one scout, one coach, one customer in need; what is your ONE tweet, one promotion… that allows you to be summoned


Stay lifted,


Lucky Lefty