They wanted to “make it”.  The Beatles level.  However, they were more of an insect beetle than the musical stars that invaded the USA.


The year was 1965, they were booed by the crowd non stop, along with patrons throwing tomatoes, beer bottles and other debris until they left the stage.


After returning to the Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida, the group had a decision to make…  fight or flight.  Go home or go get better.


How many have left home to make a name worldwide in their particular talent only to constantly face rejection?  How does one silence the lambs and keep believing…


Well, The Rolling Stones figured it out and decided to keep pressing by writing the song, I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.


In 2019 their tours grossed over 177 million dollars worldwide.  Not bad for a bunch of guys 50 plus years ago about to call it quits.


Think back to your teens, before you left home; what goal(s) did you set out to accomplish no matter the detour… is the head of that giant under your foot, yet…


Stay lifted, 


Lucky Lefty


P.S. my two favorite tunes from The Rolling Stones.  Enjoy.  Play them loud.