At the current moment, there are many employers with limited help, due to the fact that former employees are getting paid more, not to work.  Finding help is already challenging to say the least, let alone if workers are not presenting themselves as an option.


“Well, owners/bosses should pay more.” “They make all the money and don’t do anything.” 


Point noted again.


IF one can only see the 6 instead of the 9.


Everyone has an idea, nevertheless, few figure out how to create it into a product or service; raise capital from strangers and pay the loan back with interest, in a timely manner; connect with vendors to purchase inventory, hire staff, budget for marketing/advertisement, uniforms, rental space, and insurance… all while still making sure the checks clear bi-weekly and that the lights stay on. 


The OZ behind the scenes, does a lot, if only we slide back the curtain or better yet, slide our feet into their shoes.


The growth for the company is predicated on the skill set of the employee(s).  The skill of the employee is developed by working for the company. 


Once again, we are in this together.


Stay lifted, 


Lucky Lefty