#64 GENESIS 1:31


The world is dark.  We are all broken and no one is exempt.  One slip in a moment and the trajectory of life can sway in a different direction, unplanned.  


Personally I have had moments.  Moments I can look back at now as an adult, and know, I was saved.  Someone or Something was looking out for me.


As a junior in high school, words were revealed to me that someone had said; a phrase that was harsh and triggered a circumstance in my life, where I almost lost my mother to the hands of someone else.  


That split moment shaped my thoughts for ages and for another student who was privy to the information, personally decided to throw a jab of words in a malicious way.  Opening up a patched wound.


I ran through the hallway seeking this individual with ill intent.  I was going to let them feel harm… pain that they brought out of me, by those words.  As my rage multiplied, the teachers did not know what to do to stop me…  lucky me.  As fate would have it, it just so happened that that day they missed school.  Who knows how the outcome would have transpired.


God created the world and said, “It is good.”  Take note, after he created Adam and Eve, He never said the same thing.


And as I type, in any moment in life where you are… in the dark?…  FOLLOW THE SON.  It gives the light needed.


Stay lifted, 


Lucky Lefty