The Proverb says, “Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider it’s ways and be wise.” 

When time permits, I recommend applying Solomon’s observation of ants after studying them.  There is a lot to unpack.

There is something about animals; what appears to be complex, they actually make it uncomplicated.  Its selflessness and teamwork in its truest form, benefiting ALL who participate.

Flying geese demonstrate this strategy and the power it produces.  They fly together in a triangular sort of upside down pyramid shape, each one reducing the air resistance for the ones behind.  In the process they rotate leadership and “talk” continuously by honking.

Meditate on God’s creation of animals…  It’s the simple things that lead to the essence of partnership success… Togetherness, looking out for each other, rotating leadership and communicating throughout the whole process.


Stay lifted,

Lucky Lefty