“When I get older I want the biggest…  muscles… house… ring… the biggest, the biggest, the biggest…”


Our thoughts have been manifested into reality.  We are here, now.


Augmented chests, implants for a round backyard (rear end) figure, fillers, to enlarge lips to pucker as well as injections (growth hormones) to compete in sports are almost a must in many gyms and salons.


I get it.  To each their own.  Whatever experience we want to carve in this lifetime, we can do so by scrolling and clicking a button.  The choice is ours.


If bigger is better I wonder if most would choose the original “bigger” cell phone that had to be held in a lawyer type briefcase, without any picture taking, app downloads, email checking, texting, facetiming, grocery ordering, Amazon supply purchasing, check depositing; compared to today’s “mini” size cell phone that can fit in our pocket.  


I am sure we would, because it’s bigger, right? 


Stay lifted,


Lucky Lefty