Scroll down YouTube comments or social media pages and realize many do not accept; there are two sides to the coin.  Regardless if it’s heads or tails, the nickel value is still 5 cents.  One side is not priced more than the other.  It’s only perspective.  My advice, give a hear to the B-side of the shekel.


The challenge for every reader is seeing beyond the obvious two sides.  For instance, ‘Whaling’. The application of hunting and killing whales.  At nominal value, it’s equivalent to the lion versus gazelle – survival of the fittest conundrum.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  Until, you see: God’s creationman’s innovationhuman vanity and a life vocation (to name a few).

God’s creationthe massive aquatic mammal, sprouting out vapor amongst the ocean as bystanders yell out in awe, “There she blows!” is the hunted…


Man’s innovationthe harpoon (equipment) was created to fasten the whale to the whaleboat, designed to penetrate blubber as the whalers (men) drink to their capture, “To the victor go the spoils…”


Human vanityone of the leading indicators for apprehending the behemoth (whale) was Ambergris and Spermaceti; ingredients to create perfumes and cosmetics to have a pleasant scent and be aesthetically stunning, “I’m ready for my close up Mr. DeMille…”


Life vocation it simply put food on the table, brought beings from distinctive backgrounds, and allowed whalers to witness the world as they sought Sperm Whales and manufactured on the ship to make a profit, “Money never sleeps.“


We find that our perspective is our own compass; however even a compass has four sides.


Stay lifted,


Lucky Lefty