“It’s not fair!  It’s not fair!  It’s noooot faaair!”  Continues the complaint, majority of the time, when one speaks about those that have an advantage based on network, status, influence or mastery.


The elites often get placed in a box as unkind, dissimilar, selfish human beings due to their entitlement.  “His father gave him such and such… they go to the finest schools… they are privileged… if my mom was best friends with… if I had the same resources I would…


We would… ‘do the same.’


It sounds controversial and harsh but truth be told, most of us in similar positions of benefit would exercise our right, our power, without hesitation and do the same thing we complain about others doing.


Maybe it exists, but I have yet to see someone pay more in taxes than asked to do.  I have yet to see an elite athlete tell the referees, “make sure to call me for the same fouls lesser athletes get called for.”  I have yet to see an intelligent ‘A’ student tell the teacher “take points off my test since I am smarter than most of my classmates.”  I have yet to hear someone say, “no I don’t want the pay raise, I was hired because of my relationship.”


It’s very simple.  Complain or climb.


Life, like the NBA is a place of ‘hierarchy.’  We either work on our game and become masterful at what we do; so we can play by the rules and receive the rewards like the elected do, or keep wishing and hoping for change.  Rather than the latter, take it from me, it’s much easier to ascend.


Stay lifted,


Lucky Lefty