To be cut from a team is a knife-gutting experience.  It’s a rejection meal hard to chew after hearing management say, “Hey, thanks for your time, but your services are no longer needed.”


And there you are, sitting alone with your pool of guilty thoughts and agonizing pain rummaging in your head, asking yourself;  “Should I have been more or less aggressive?  Did that loss cost me my job?”  “What could I have done differently?”


In those moments it’s hard not to feel less than.  Where do you gather back the confidence in yourself, the trust from another organization and more importantly, the childlike faith to keep pressing onward?  I don’t know… each person is different, but you must find it.


As Pac once told us, “Keep ya head up.”  Pun intended.  That’s a start.  

Nevertheless, if we are granted another chance, make the most of it by leaving nothing left in the tank…


He was cut by a team last season, signed to another team in the same league this season, and in his first game, he played against the team who released him.


After a win, twenty-three rebounds and eighteen points later, the man who fired him, shook Lewis Diankulu’s hand and said, “I’m glad you have a job.”  “Good game.”


Lewis had no control over the when’s and why’s… but like Count Basie told Quincy… “learn to deal with the valleys, the hills will take care of themselves.”


He did.


Stay lifted, 


Lucky Lefty