#102 ALPHA 


The other night, my wife and sister-in-law were explaining their point of view to me about a topic.  Although I did not agree with them, I took a personal note, to assign myself time to explore their explanations, so that I could gain a better understanding.

Personally, in a disagreement, I do not believe it’s a matter of right or wrong.  It’s important to comprehend, ‘reasoning.’




Because when we grasp the reasoning, it becomes simple to manage, approach, treat, and/or cope with… the disagreement.   


For someone like me, an Alpha Male – ‘Type A’ personality, rarely will I take things at face value.  Like most who are Alpha, ‘Type-A’ personalities, humility is not the adjective automatically aligned with us.


However, with experience in life, evidence has shown me that humility becomes synonymous with the personality I stated previously.  


Although externally we exude overwhelming confidence, with an aura of swag/moxie and an intellect deeper than surgical incisions, the reality is… we suffer from the same emotion and thought of not being as good as everybody else.  It’s that thought/emotion that gives us internal humility, knowing…


“What I don’t know is far greater than what I do.”  


Stay lifted, 


Lucky Lefty