Last week, the second digit in my age changed.  I reminded myself and had a quick laugh about how I used to think thirty-nine was ancient.


At fourteen, little did I know; I would lift some weights, shoot a couple baskets, have an occasional tear, hop on and off airplanes, laugh so hard til I cried, say I do, box with Boom and voila…  Thirty-nine would arrive!  Luggage or no luggage, my destination was on time.


Let me be the one of a small number to tell you; what a joy it is to be at my workspace and have to re-adjust positions constantly because my leg, back or shoulders are getting tight.  What a delight it is to drive out of the city shifting from right to left trying to find the right spot.  What a jubilation it is to purchase shoes with a purpose (my joints talk sporadically).  What a triumph it is to read labels when grocery shopping (high mileage oil intake).  What a rejoice it is to workout and workout and workout until I realize; my body doesn’t recover as quickly as before (more reps less weight).  What a laughter it is that I was given additional time.  And yet I hear it so often… “I don’t want to get older.”


Uh- newsflash, advancing in years is divine.  If not, think about the alternative.


Stay lifted,


Lucky Lefty