#91 40/40 CLUB


I have officially sprinted explosively into a new decade.

Forty!  That’s right, 4-0.


I am saying it like a Spartan Warrior beating his fist on his chest to the beat of a drum crescendo, chanting in mantra format, “Today is the youngest I will ever be and the oldest I have ever been.” 


During my moment of reflection, I must admit, aging has been gracefully accepted especially when I connect with older men, who shed light on my duty as a human.


For example, a few months ago, I met a man, Kristian Thorpe in Nottingham, England.  We didn’t know much about each other.  We certainly didn’t resemble the same external features, but we had small chats about various topics for approximately 2 hours. 


 Afterwards we shook hands and exchanged email addresses, and much to my shock I received an email from him days after our unexpected greeting… stating (paraphrase), “Noah, take a look at the decade chart and may you step into your lane with utmost faith and confidence.”


Decades of Age:


Childhood – Decade of Dependence
Teens – Decade of Adolescence (Independence/breaking out)
20’s – Decade of Foundations (Career developing/gaining WISDOM)
30’s – Decade of Promotion (Sowing rather than reaping)
40’s – Decade of Accomplishing (Dreams come to pass.  Start reaping)
50’s – Decade of Influence (Ruling/Reigning)
60’s – Decade of Empowering (Maximizing your Influence)
70’s onwards – Decade of Enjoying (Mother/Father watching the next generation soar!)


Well, here I am, marching to my own beat, grey dots here and there, lines slightly denting deeper, while I roll up my sleeves to conquer the forties.  


Whatever decade journey you are on, enjoy it.  It has wings.


Stay lifted, 


Lucky Lefty