Understanding the Purpose and Power of Men

Understanding the Purpose and Power of Men

Dr. Myles Munroe

I have been a student of Dr. Myles Munroe for many years to date.  His seminars, youtube videos, sermons and books; I recommend.


We are living in times that can be an enigma to understand the purpose of women and men.  How can we both coexist together as one?  Roles have been changed due to women becoming more self sufficient, educated, ambitious; however, Dr. Munroe’s basic principles can represent guidelines for us men and woman to keep in mind.


Many men are meandering through the road of life – LOST and CONFUSED; not knowing why they exist.  This book has chapters to help find the starting point to those who struggle finding their purpose.  Not only do I encourage males to open read this book, but females as well so they can understand God’s original intent for men.

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