It’s true, the eyes are windows to the soul, but how can we connect to souls if our eyes are consistently glancing at devices?


My words are not contemptuous towards modern communication, but to pull back the curtains on my understanding… things change.  Nothing is permanent, so why swim up stream, tussling against a current way of life…


King Solomon said, “Nothing is new under the sun.”  Agree or not, here’s the conflict, in life… No one gets out alive.  One mind, one body to render good deeds – by one set of hands; and as Aristotle stated, “Our hand[s] are the tool of all tools”.


Look how expressive your hands are.  Symbolic.  Whether a pat to the back, cooking, hugging, praying or greeting one another; communication is transported without a word being said.


Throughout history… one set of fingerprints, never duplicated.  We are exceptional and how we communicate strength, power, skill, generosity, love or protection with our hands to others, lasts a lifetime.


Stay lifted,


Lucky Lefty