What’s the foundation you were built on?  The principles you stand by?  


Most likely, they were given to you from your elected parents or a promoted guardian.  However, on your own, which ones have you ignored, dropped, or plainly allowed society to shift your narrative of, for the worse?  You, me, everyone knows better.  We all have a conscience.


The foundation of you is equivalent to a home constructed wisely; ready for any storm, everyone feels safe and protected in an environment that propels illuminating energy for whomever decides to stop by to visit and most importantly, it is peaceful.  


Surely, an older model home in contrast to a current one, has been upgraded for ‘today’s’ fixings, but the most durable pieces of both are consistent in every blueprint.

Like the houses, we must modernize specific things to allow us to navigate 2022.  Nevertheless, the world should count on us to protect principles that have stood the test of time.  


Stay lifted, 



Lucky Lefty


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