A year ago, I stated, “Rest at the end, not in the middle.”  Here we are. 


The ’22 chapter is about to get sealed shut. Go ahead and ease up.  


Do not hop over into twenty-twenty three, fatigued.


Much promise for NoBro has been bubbling. This is not a humble flex, but we are pleased with our current accomplishments.


Where we are going is uncertain, but I trust with gratitude, the rippling waves of our relationships and where they can lead us. 


The shape of our company, without the intense details, will still give a perspective of our annual history as long as I am given grace if someone gets left off.  No one is less important.


NoBro AAU continued to incline and become competitive.  Our widening target supports athletes who want to leverage games to learn, enhance, and become a complete basketball player.  


Two players, Will Kelly and Sunny Jackson, from this past season, are now on current rosters spots at Lenoir Rhyne, with Manos and Nikos Koveos thriving at DME Academy in Daytona, Florida.  


NoBro camp alum from Canada and Scotland, Jona Martz is now at Delta College working his way up the depth chart.


Kaleb Hewitt, is currently on the roster at Bluefield University, fighting for minutes while Landyn Cantu is doing the same at William Jessup University. 

We had our first developmental camp in Charlotte, North Carolina for teenagers and received pleasant feedback from parents, players and Canadians. 

Our men’s department is making a mark overseas.  O’showen Williams (Germany), Seth Swalve (England), Jermiah Jenkins (England), Christian Council (Scotland), Matthew McClain (Scotland), Shane Corneliussen (Scotland), and Lewis Diankulu (Mexico and Iceland).  All respectively have added additional attributes to their games while gathering life experiences along their journey.

NoBro’s business partnership in the United Kingdom with the Boroughmuir Blaze has been fruitful.  The Senior pro team is undefeated, creating a new vibe for the city of Edinburgh.  We started the preseason with a trip to Madrid, Spain, setting the tone on what it takes to aim for a goal, rapidly.  Many thanks to Christian, Matt, and Shane.  Not only on the basketball side but for creating and managing our new department of social marketing/brand awareness engagement.

Our other partnership with Kendel Glapion in London and Sheffield, England has created ample opportunities in the branding, apparel, and training space.  

We are currently in negotiations about another partnership with a pro team in England along with hosting a NoBro camp in Angola. Hold tight.

As for me, Noah, we added another child to our family dynamic.  A girl.  Kids are our wealth.  

Stay tuned for this coming season with the apparel line, camp schedule (need to place players on teams I have partnerships with) and media coverage.

We are going places we may not know, but I trust the breadcrumbs that get dropped before us.

Merry New Year!  

“I wish you wheels, I wish you wealth.  I wish you insight so you can see for yourself.”


Stay lifted, 


Lucky Lefty


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