I have recently arrived back home in Atlanta from visiting my childhood town.  Each time I come back recharged, inspired, and humbled; partly due to the simplicity of life in Keene.  It’s peaceful.

Outside of spending a lot of time with my family, I took many walks between the sky and dirt/asphalt and occasionally I found myself sitting with one of my former teachers, mentors, and influencers of the town.  

They always have a suitcase of wealth and experiences to pass on, stories of my younger life to share with my wife and kids, and love to abundantly pour out through their eye contact… this time, it was not any different.

One person I visited was Wanda Smith.  Our school is named after her.  She is a woman who was the first female superintendent in our area, way before any hashtags or ‘me too’ movements.  She was the base of our school’s foundation, the bond in our exceptional community growth and the foundation for multiple generations.

With my inquisitiveness, I asked her if there was something she would like to share now, that she has learned from her over 70+ years of living… anything she would do more or less of.  Her response was, “Have more kids.”  


Stay lifted, 


Lucky Lefty


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