The Late Great Alex Haley, was a world – renowned American writer, and in his latter years of life, a photo of a turtle sitting on a fence resided on his office wall.  Put a pin in that for now.

Throughout the development of language, semantic change is known as a phenomenon due to the fact, a meaning of a word can either be slightly altered, or evolve greatly.  As humans, we strive to do the same.  Becoming fully aware of how impactful our words are, is a study of manifestation alongside harmony.  Laziness with language is not a brag to hashtag about on IG and if we do not utilize lyrical exercises consistently, a disaster will be potentially hovering around the corner, impatiently waiting to knock on the door.


 Essentially, words can be equivalent to a liquid sword; our tongue can be sharper than a razor blade.  An ingredient to build or destroy.


Study great lyricists of our time and it’s easy to notice those who have mastered the English language.  A good lyricist, can use words to juxtapose and drive a clear and deeper meaning, intentionally contrasting two ideas. ‘To illustrate, listen to the song, ‘Oceans,’ by hip-hop artist Jay-Z, “I’m anti Santa Maria/Only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace/I don’t even like Washingtons in my pocket/Black card go hard when I’m shopping/Boat docked in front of Hermes picking cotton.”  Feel free to call me for translation, LOL …  Another skill an astute wordsmith possesses, is the use of double entendres.  “I father, I Brooklyn-Dodger them, I jack, I rob, I sin.”


Words, like the weather dressed properly, feel better in season than out.  Specifically, the words I and my.’ They are consistently present, sitting in attendance, protruding daily – stirring the boiling pot for those that are in relationships.  Whether spouses, exclusively dating, siblings, parents, friends, co-workers, partners, teammates we have all been guilty of statements such as, “I do all of… My money… My place… My team… I did it on my… My dream… My room… My stats… I take care of… My ball/toy… My car… My food… My coke… My program…” etc…


The take home is this… We don’t have to be a profound literary writer nor a lyricist in the music hall of fame to understand the concept of the words ‘I’ and ‘my,’ nor a genius to comprehend the meaning of the turtle on the fence portrait, hanging on the writer’s wall.  For Alex Haley, as it should be for us, it was a daily reminder that he (the turtle) didn’t get there on his own.  We all need help.  We all are in this together.  No one has done it alone.


Stay lifted,


Lucky Lefty