In April we are expecting to add an additional piece to our household.  A little girl is coming soon.


In comparison to our son, preparing for her arrival is a drastic change.  Maybe not for her mom, but for me, it’s been eye-opening.  


Although purchasing girly girl garments, bows and barrettes are typical experiences, it has given me a cause to pause, laugh, and realize; no matter how many more articles or books I read, I will not be fully equipped to understand her.  As she grows, so will I.


They, as in women, including her, are from a different planet of thought, emotions and feelings.  It’s just the way it is.  Trust me, do not sign up for the class to figure out why. 


My sincerest apologies to my Mom, Lace, Hanan and Yasmine, but I have had enough experience(s) being a son, brother, husband, brother-in-law and now a potential father to a girl to know… we are unequivocally opposites.


And that’s ok.  If we weren’t in many ways, we would not truly understand what unconditional love is…  we only get it when we love those that do not meet all of our conditions.


Stay lifted, 


Lucky Lefty