Why a blog?  Why me?  So… For years I have contemplated sharing my words on the net.  Before I go any deeper allow me to confess; I am old school.  Yes, that’s right.  Give me some Vaughan Mason and Crew, Gap Band, E U, Motown, Michael Jackson, Prince and I am floating.  Yes! Old school.  We are talking pen to paper.  Throw back. Over time I have been writing information down that I feel is valuable and enriching enough to one day pass down to my son(s).  And then it hit me.  The net.  I get it.  I had to accept the modern-day vernacular and its means of dissemination.


Which leads me back to my second question – WHY ME?  What makes my thoughts worth reading or listening to?  Perhaps, I have gifts that are supernatural?  Not really. Maybe at birth I was a silver-spoon fed kid who was given all the answers?  Definitely not true.  I’m special?  Yeah that must be it.  I’m special.  Let me think for a moment.  Let’s reflect…  I’m 6’1, 170 pounds, athletic, love my family and friends…  hmmm sounds like a lot of other males I know.  I guess I don’t really know “why me”.  And not knowing is ok.  I do believe in timing and seasons, so this must be mine.  Other than my belief in God’s favor, my faith and spirituality, I am the average guy who’s trying to keep death at a distance just like everyone else.


It appears that somewhere in our fast-paced life, we have minimized the thing that allows us to live a copious and fulfilled life amongst family and friends.  As we make the left turn cruising down ELECTRONIC AVENUE, stop at the red light on REALITY STREET, then turn on “DO ANYTHING TO BE FAMOUS” road, allow me to make a U -turn and go back to the beginning. I want to take us back to the halcyonic days where it took a community to raise kids, fathers and mothers woke up side by side, stadiums were packed with fans looking at the ball game and not their cell phones, filled living rooms during holiday with symphonic crescendos of laughter, and when the community could write the eulogy about their neighbors.  Those were the days!!!

So what happened?  Better yet, let me be more specific about the breakdown of the family comment: What happened to the fathers?  Barak Obama, the former President of the United States, spoke in great detail about the family breakdown. This colossal question still unanswered, mishandled and unfortunately it is not showing a positive reverse trend.  Sure, we give opinions in barber shops, group chats, conference calls and Uber rides…  But how many of us actually sacrifice and foster positive influence?  I may be wrong, but it seems as if we are waiting for some celebrity or athlete to provide the answer or be the change and have forgotten that we too have a platform. The #wetoo movement can and does have an impact in our surrounding circles to make the difference.  Yes.  Me. You.  Him.  We.


During the birth of this writing series (2010), I described myself as many things; a professional athlete, college graduate, brother, a businessman, son, but a father?  Not at all.  I had no children.  My thoughts concerning the fatherless topic were indiscriminate and non-engaged on the subject.  Umm yeah, that’s not my problem. Then I was challenged with the question;  How many men of no blood-line have we ran across in our life that played the father role for us?  Was he not a father who offered his time, heart, wisdom to help steer us to our calling and became instrumental in our growth?  Perhaps that is the difference that could separate me from another person?  Instead of waiting, wishing, and wondering; I have made the choice by acting, applying and giving my words to those that may not have fathers.  My words or collective thoughts provided by influential men from my life’s travels could provide others with simple guidelines that helped direct my personal journey.  This is my priority, my passion, and my goal… To pass them on -in my own way. 


For the young men who may be searching for breadcrumbs of wisdom, I hope you enjoy teaming up with me. While I may not be able to sit and talk in person as this is my “old school” preference, allow me to connect with you on this platform, at this time. I promise to be the example of the change I wish to see, provide insight to those who want to hear, inspire hope to those who need it, give love to those who have never received it and impart knowledge to those who have yet to read it.  Remember, we all have a part to play in the game of life and YOU are an essential piece.


Stay tuned and Stay lifted.


Noah Mancini Brown  


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