If the money is where the love is, the love will eventually burn out, quickly.  The work will become too tedious to continue… the sprints will not be worth it… snoozing will be normal… arriving late is on time… and blaming others for the morsel allotment will be proof from those with similar precepts.  I say, money is the final destination, not the journey and the person who leads their life by way of vision, passion, and service, more times than not; ‘money follows.’


I told my wife recently, “I am in a season where I am fast asleep to wake up quickly.”  What deed(s) makes you feel that way?  Think of moments where a random stranger casually strolled up to you and asked, “Have you ever considered doing such and such?”  “You should pursue this career because you have a natural gift in…”  If these happenings have occurred, that breadcrumb, by way of a question, could potentially be the confirmation of your vision or lack thereof.  That person sees your ‘light’ even though unknowingly you might not; in return, it has not yet been lit (pun intended).


The great prophet, P Funk aka George Clinton stated, Everybody’s got a little light under the sun.”  And ‘everybody’ in the dictionary, the last time I checked, means EVERY PERSON.


Stay lifted,


Lucky Lefty