Geese Are Never Swans

Geese Are Never Swans

Kobe Bryant & Eva Clark

Mental Health has been a topic of discussion amongst many, currently.  Although we hear the term, many do not know exactly what it is or looks like outside of an individual(s) producing harm through violence on themselves or others or the soul at local stop light conversing with themselves.


The Late Kobe Bryant and Eva Clark creatively pulled back the curtains on Mental Health through creative story telling; showing the misunderstanding of our thoughts and how impactful they are when we go through trauma or a tragic circumstance(s), when we do not get the proper guidance to grasp, deal with.


Geese Are Never Swans is brilliantly written and whether sports is an active role in your life or not, I would encourage you to read and get a vice grip on this subject matter to allow us as a community to get more educated.

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