A decade ago, a lady told me, “Noah, if you can attain your vision by yourself then your dreams and belief in God needs enhancing.  Your goals, Noah need to be so impossible, until they’re possible.


As opinionated as I was (am still), I was speechless.


And so, I built a brand.  A form of ministry and lifestyle amplifier, to help thrust individuals into newly discovered habits, encounters, and sentiments that simultaneously make the world a higher quality to live in…  and by doing so, people (like NOBRO’s International Partner, Kendel Glapion’s) paths cross each other and affirms what they already know…  no coincidences exist and the main source of knowledge is experience. 


After rigorous meetings, applications, and discussions, NOBRO has officially been approved by the governing regulators of the U.K. and we are now global.


I can’t help but agree, “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving!”  


Stay lifted, 


Lucky Lefty


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