Dave Ramsey

As an entrepreneur myself I have definitely enjoyed the wisdom of Dave Ramsey in his book, EntreLeadership. I have been fortunate to start my own businesses and will become more astute because of the jewels that Ramsey scribed. 


This book is a simple yet practical read with first hand experiences from someone who has built a massive fortune and following by helping others move onward and upward by applying biblical principles, cultural partnerships and common sense into the workforce. 


For anyone who has aspirations to build a company or anyone who has already started – READ THIS BOOK! Mark pages that apply to your challenges and have all your partners, employees, etc. dive into the chapters that could be beneficial for growth. 


There is a famous proverbial statement that urges me to advocate Ramsey’s book – “Smart men learn from their mistakes, but brilliant men learn from the mistakes of others”. I submit to all aspiring businessmen/women; learn from those that have done. Enjoy.

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