Marketing can break or enhance an industry, entertainer, corporation, religion, etc…  

Ultimately, it controls the way most view a concept of a person, place, entity or thing and it can shift power from one to the next, unexpectedly and rapidly.

Due to this behemoth, we have become more politically correct and naively unaware of how the influence of advertising has impacted our subconscious minds; the strategy has created new algorithms to change our behavior. 

We are craven to address foundational concerns about our ever-changing world when it comes to our youth; we lower our voices to a library whisper or preface an apology, before verbalizing our convictions about subjects that have stood the test of time, in hopes of not getting written up, canceled or unfollowed – making people with validity and experience… muted.  

Michael Jordan, for example, the most graceful basketball player yet, had Nike, NBA, Hanes, and Gatorade dollars planting seeds in our heads, making us all want to be like him, a 6’6 jumping jack, with the hands the size of an adult baseball glove, even though we may not have had the athletic DNA, skill, foot speed, work ethic, desire etc… to do so.

The Juggernaut Kardashian family were injected with colossal E! News and HULU currency that not only made curvy women trendy, B.B.L.’s have hit record upward trends.  

And yet…

There is ONE who did not need any marketing from companies nor was there Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snap to get His influence out, nevertheless He still has more followers.


Stay lifted, 


Lucky Lefty


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