#106 BE LIKE… 


Think for a moment.  


Who is a person you would want to be like?


For the sake of the conversation, let’s say Shawn Carter.  

He was born and raised in the Brooklyn, New York – Marcy Projects: A billionaire, rapper, songwriter, record executive, media proprietor, record producer, author, founder of Roc-A-Fella Records, Rocawear, 40/40 Club and Roc Nation; along with previous or current ownership(s) in the Brooklyn Nets and Tidal music streaming services.

To say his resume in life is not colorful, would give someone the moniker known as a ‘hater’…  and yet, why would anyone want to be him?  

No matter how hard he or she tries, it’s not their story.  It’s someone else’s.


Write yours.  No one can do it better.


Stay lifted, 

Lucky Lefty 


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